Testing the Real Time Translation feature on Google Pixel Buds Headphones

We try out the neat real-time foreign language translation feature on Google's Pixel Buds headphones.

It's a feature that sounds like it is out of the future - but it's available right now! Google's Pixel Buds headphones use the power of Google Assistant and the Google Translate app to translate dozens of languages in real time.

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This means you can have a conversation with ease, even with someone who speaks a foreign language!

We found the real-time translation feature to be impressive, although Producer Vanessa said the translations weren't always super accurate, but a foreign language speaker could probably understand what you're trying to say.

The Google Pixel Buds are $160 and have not gotten the best reviews. In my experience, they aren't as easy to use as Apple's AirPods, which also stay in my ears better.

Bottom line - this real-time language translation is an amazing step in the right direction, but probably not some3thing you'd be able to rely on for your next trip out of the country. I say skip the Pixel Buds and just download the Google Translate app on your iPhone or Android. If you put it into conversation mode it pretty much does the same exact thing!