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Schulte Elementary School in Sturtevant closed Tuesday due to fire in bathroom

Schulte Elementary School

STURTEVANT -- Schulte Elementary School in Sturtevant was closed Tuesday, March 27 due to a bathroom fire. School officials said they're thankful the damage was quite minimal.

According to school officials, the head engineer arrived at the building around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday -- and noticed something amiss.

"Noticed that the smoke alarms and the building alarms were going off, so he started walking down the hall and saw some smoke. Took a few steps further, saw more smoke and then immediately called 911," said Emily Neubauer, senior communications specialist.

Fire at Schulte Elementary School

Firefighters found the fire coming from the boys' bathroom.

Fire at Schulte Elementary School

"Fire officials tell us it was an overheated motor in the radiator," said Neubauer.

Considering the extent of the damage, Neubauer said they're thankful.

"It could have been much worse. We're lucky that the damage was contained to the radiator, that it was contained to the bathroom, that no students and staff were in the building. The engineer got here, realized what was happening right away and did exactly what he should do -- call firefighters," said Neubauer.

Fire at Schulte Elementary School

With the amount of smoke and the smell left behind, the district notified parents through auto calls and social media that school was canceled for one day.

"So the building could air out and we could get crews in here to clean up the bathroom -- and then an environmental company coming out just to test the air quality and make sure that we're good to go," said Neubauer.

Students were already scheduled to be out for parent-teacher conferences Wednesday, March 28 and Thursday, March 29. Those will go on as planned.

"And then Friday, Good Friday and then Spring Break so, they got an extra day of break," Neubauer said.

Fire at Schulte Elementary School