Travel season is in full swing: 5 things to bring along before you hit the road

MILWAUKEE -- Summer travel season is in full swing. But before you hit the road with the little ones -- Andrea Khan with The Family Backpack has five things you need to bring along.

  1. Wet wipes - not just for babies - but to wipe hands, public toilets, clean tables, and more!
  2. A wrap or pashmina - can be used as a blanket for your or kids, a nursing cover, a towel, or to cover shoulders or head when entering a religious building.
  3. A notebook & pen(s) - to journal, keep kids occupied in restaurants or airplanes, jot down addresses or notes, etc.
  4. Gum & snacks - essential when traveling with kids of any age!
  5. Any first-aid or smaller necessities such as Epipens, chewable Benadryl, children`s and adult pain relievers, a nail file, hand sanitizer, lotion, band-aids, pacifiers, and hair ties.