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Things are getting heated: A fireman grills us, and you, on fire safety

NORTH SHORE -- Kids may be on summer break -- but fire safety shouldn't be. Dave Glanz from the North Shore Fire Department joins Real Milwaukee to school us on safety basics.

When it comes to fire safety, it can be easy to forget the basics, but if you keep them in mind, you and your family are more likely to prevent fires in your home - or at least survive one. The North Shore Fire Department provides free, in-home safety assessments to residents of the North Shore. It includes testing fire and carbon monoxide detectors, reviewing a fire safety plan and even going over a few scenarios to test residents' fire safety knowledge.

The #1 cause of home fires is smoking.

  • Cooking equipment and unattended cooking are the #1 cause of house fires.

Grease Fires: 

  • A grease fire in your frying pan is best extinguished with cold water.

Smoke Alarms:

  • It's recommended smoke alarms be tested once a month.

Dryer Lint Traps:

  • Lint traps should be cleaned every time you use your dryer.

Shuffling Feet:

  • Shuffling or sliding feet makes trips and falls more likely.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms:

  • Carbon Monoxide alarms are needed on every level of the home.

Going Back Into A Fire: 

  • Once you get out, stay out! Never go back in a burning home.

How Fast Fire Spreads:

  • A small fire can overtake a room in a house in less than 3 minutes.