Army pilot surprises dog when he returns home from deployment

WOODSTOCK, Ill. -- An army pilot deployed to Afghanistan returns home in Illinois and gets his four-legged "wingman" back, too.

Zack Vohaska returned home to Woodstock, Illinois after doing a four-month tour of duty in Afghanistan.

When he got back, he and his family decided to see if his dog, a golden retriever named "Buddy," could do a "man-hunt" for a reunion with his old missing pal.

Buddy was let loose while Zack hid under a bunch of pillows and blankets -- but Zack couldn't get past buddy, who knows how to use his own "navigation instruments," -- his nose.

Buddy's tail went into "take-off" mode as he went into a happy landing on the couch and on top of Zack.

Buddy was adopted by Zack while he was in flight school.

Video courtesy: Vohaska Family.