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Day care license revoked after 10-year-old caught on camera hitting, punching 16-month-old

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MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee day care’s license was revoked after state officials say it was determined a 10-year-old boy “had been punching” a 16-month-old girl at the facility located near 52nd and Center.

According to a letter from the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, issued on Friday, Aug. 3, the license was issued to Rona Jones to operate the “Infants Toddlers and School Age Scholars” facility.

The letter says on Aug. 1., state officials received information that a child had hit the 16-month-old girl at the facility on July 31 around 6 p.m. — causing swelling to the 16-month-old girl’s eye area. It was reported that police were not contacted, nor was Child Protective Services.

The mother of the 16-month-old child told state officials she was informed by day care officials that her daughter was “hit in the face by a 3-year-old child with a toy truck, and suffered a black eye and bruising of the face.” A staff member later told her that she was not told the truth, and in reality, a 10-year-old boy “had been punching her daughter.”

State officials visited the facility on Aug. 1 and reviewed surveillance video, which showed the 16-month-old girl was left alone in a crib with no supervision for “approximately eight minutes.” During that time, the video shows the 10-year-old boy came into the classroom on five occasions over about seven minutes and “repeatedly hit and punched the child.” He was seen lifting the child up by the arm over the crib, and slamming the child against the wall. He was also seen pushing on the child’s neck, potentially impeding the breathing of the child. After approximately eight minutes, a staff member came into the room and picked up the 16-month-old child.

The letter says after noticing injuries to the child, the day care center’s director checked the surveillance video and saw the 10-year-old boy beating the girl — but the parent and police were not contacted. The parent was informed when the girl was picked up — approximately two hours later. The parent was told another child hit the girl, and the letter says information was withheld from the parent.

A report to Child Protective Services wasn’t made until 1 p.m. the next day, the letter says.

The letter notes that the day care center failed to comply with minimum requirements for licensure of a child care enter and “threatened the health, safety and welfare of any child in the care” of the facility.

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