Brown Deer police officer charged in shooting of unarmed man resigns

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BROWN DEER — The Brown Deer Police Department announced Tuesday, Aug. 7 the resignation of Officer Devon Kraemer. Kraemer shot an unarmed man in the back in March of 2016 and her case was officially dismissed without a verdict.

Devon Kraemer’s trial ended on Feb. 28. Facing a hung jury, the judge at that time declared a mistrial. The jury could not agree on whether Kraemer was guilty of aggravated battery. That was the charge after the March 2016 shooting in which Kraemer shot an unarmed Manuel Burnley in the back during an attempted arrest. Burnley had caused a scene on a Milwaukee County Transit System bus, cussing out the driver over a fare dispute then refusing to cooperate with the police who told him to leave.

Burnley, who did not have a weapon, is now missing part of his lung.

Devon Kraemer

After filing charges, prosecutors said they do not feel they could get a different outcome with a new jury.

Officer Kraemer was with the department for seven years.

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