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‘Teaching people how to breathe and relax:” Find your balance at Yoga is Served

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WEST ALLIS -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at Yoga is Served in West Allis. They focus on yoga, meditation, stress relief, health and wellness.

Class Descriptions (website)

High Intensity Interval Training combines with Yoga!
30 minutes of yoga-inspired HIIT exercises to rev up, 30 minutes flow yoga to cool down...come have fun with this unique class!
Expect to sweat…Expect to smile…barefeet encouraged….

Community Class (60 & 75 minutes)
The class that started it all...ALL LEVELS WELCOME!!!! Modifications are encouraged.
This 60 or 75 minute class is continually changing depending on the weather, the season, who shows up and what is needed for that day :) Expect Sun Salutes, standing poses and plenty of breathing :D A little sweat, a little laughter, and that little boost to get on with your day.

Noon Express
A lunch-break friendly version, all-levels community class Perfect for lunchtime on the Avenue :)

Hurry Up & Relax
This class is specifically designed for athletic people who hate yoga!! Faster-paced than most....modifications are still available, but we MOVE!!
Sweat through the first 45 minutes of class so that when it's time to breathe and relax, you're ready for it!

Relaxation Yoga
Teaching people how to breathe and relax is my jam. All levels welcome for this slow paced class. Breathe, stretch and move quietly through an hour-long class designed to leave you feeling as though you got a massage and a shrink session all in one :D Often, we don't even stand up. Need more be said?

Hatha Yoga (Crystal Perry)
This is an Iyengar style slow-flow practice, with an emphasis on proper alignment being built from the foundation up. Incorporating breath-work (pranayama), poses/movements (asanas), and a bit of relaxation/meditation in each class, you can expect to nourish body, mind, and spirit by opening the flow of energy throughout your system while also increasing relaxation, flexibility, strength, neutral posture, and balance. All levels are welcome as modifications can be given as needed.

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