911 calls, dash-cam released after attempted carjacking at Oak Creek motel, standoff

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OAK CREEK -- Newly released police radio transmissions give a better idea of the chaos caused by an alleged attempted carjacking in Oak Creek. Two suspects caused a standoff after barricaded themselves in a bathroom a little over a week ago.

Dispatcher: "911, what is your emergency?"

Caller: "Yes, ah. Something happened with one of our rooms. Room 109. If we can have an officer come."

Through 911 calls and dash-cam video, there is a better insight of what happened before suspects were arrested after barricading themselves in a Speedway restroom Aug. 2.

It started across the street from the Red Roof Inn near 13th and College.

Dispatch: "Do you need police assistance?"

Victim's daughter: "Yeah, we do."

Dispatch: "Okay, what's going on there?"

Victim's daughter: "My dad's disabled. My dad was trying to put stuff in the car and then two younger men like, literally, like forced him out of the car. He has like a big slash in his leg. He needs stitches really bad."

Victim: "One guy grabbed the keys from me then. And got in the car and they jump in, jump in. and I was half way inside the car."

Listen to the 911 call, police radio — click the audio players below:

The victim was pulled out of his car.

Victim: "I said, 'dude, stop, stop. You're running me over."

The suspects came back, reached in the victim's pocket and took off on foot.

Oak Creek radio: "He's got two black male subjects barricaded in the bathroom at Speedway. So, maybe our guys...I think he's got three on scene here."

It took about two hours of negotiations by the MPD Tactical Enforcement Unit before the two suspects emerged from the bathroom. Oak Creek police took them into custody.

Suspect: "So where the other two ya'll caught at first?"


The two 18-year-old Milwaukee men: Devontay Jackson and Demareah Owens, are both charged with resisting or obstructing an officer and criminal damage to property.

Both charges are misdemeanors. The men are scheduled to make their initial appearances in court next month.

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