‘My baby’s face was gone:’ 2-year-old Kenosha boy seriously injured after dog bite

KENOSHA -- A little boy from Kenosha is recovering after his face was bitten by a dog. It happened in Pleasant Prairie on Wednesday, Aug. 8.

Two-year-old Adam Sanders is full of energy but for the past few days the rambunctious boy has been moving a little slower.

"He's in pain crying, moaning," said Rachel Talbert, Adam's mom.

A day of fun and swimming at a cousin's pool turned scary. Adam's mom says their family member's dog bit him in the backyard.

"He ran up to the dog, petting it and patting it," said Talbert.

The wound cut through his cheek. Talbert rushed her son to the hospital.

"My baby's face was gone," Talbert said.

Rachel says Adam has been around the Akita before and was never harmed, and she's not sure what provoked the pup.

"We're comfortable with the dog. Just this instance, kids running and him patting, petting, he got him," Talbert said.

The dog's owner tells FOX6 News his dog is not vicious. He says the child was hitting the dog before it attacked.

Pleasant Prairie police are investigating. The dog is currently in a ten-day quarantine at its home.

No decision has been made on his future.

"He didn't accidentally bite my baby's face off. He bit him two times," said Talbert.

Adam's parents are upset and keeping a close eye on their son and the wounds that will stay with him.

"He is starting to get around at least. I'm happy about that," said Adam Sanders, Adam's dad.

"He has to live with this for the rest of his life," said Talbert.

The Pleasant Prairie police chief says the dog was required to be checked by a vet and is up to date on vaccinations. He says they will be looking at the dog's history. There is no time table on how long the investigation will take.

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