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‘No reason at all:’ Family says brothers lost their lives in double homicide at 6th and Center

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MILWAUKEE -- Two men died after a double shooting near 6th and Center in Milwaukee Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 15.

Police said it happened shortly before 3 p.m. According to police, both victims were found dead at the scene.

It is believed this stemmed from an argument. Police are seeking witnesses.

It happened amid a very violent month in Milwaukee: 14 people have been killed in 15 days.

FOX6 spoke with a woman at the scene, Macshaunya Wright, who said her two brothers, Justin and Tony, died in this incident. She raced to the scene after realizing a nightmare had become reality.

Macshaunya Wright

"They were good young men, striving to be better and help add to the positivity of our community. It’s just sad that we can’t handle our issues and problems without resorting to violence. We should be able to talk about things. I wanted to be able to hug my brother or at least say goodbye with my mom and my sisters and my brothers, but they wouldn’t let us do that. Just seeing the body bag was closure enough for me. I heard it was something as silly as a female making a call and some females pulled up in a car that was tinted and shot at my brothers and pulled off," said Wright.

Wright said there are 11 kids in her family.

"We all love each other and this hurts because all of us are affected. It’s violence that’s very unnecessary. We should learn how to communicate and not always have to resort to guns. They were good young men. They were trying to change their lives. My brother Justin, I know he prayed and he was trying, and my other brother, he was on the path, trying to get it right too -- and to take that from somebody for something dumb, it’s silly. I pray that we all turn to our faith, our God and just handle stuff differently," said Wright.

Adante Jordan

Adante Jordan is a friend of the victims.

"There was no reason to kill these young men. No reason at all. They did not live their life that warranted this to happen. These were positive, decent, African-American young men that senselessly lost their lives, so the community has to speak up.  It happened in broad daylight.  Somebody saw what happened. Somebody even knows what happened. This is the time for the community to come together. This is the result of when the homes are broken down. When the homes are broken down, the community is broken down and then you put joblessness and hopelessness on top of that and you have anger. You have chaos. You have confusion. They’re not learning conflict resolution. We’ve got to put the guns down. We’ve got to stop being cowards and thinking that’s the only way to resolve the issue because no other life should have to be lost to this," said Jordan.

Lenard Perkins lives in the neighborhood.

"I didn't even notice the gunshots. It's been happening so much around here that it's kind of like, you don't even really hear it. It's really been a problem in our community recently. Sad but true -- the fact that it's becoming a normal thing around here. We have a police station not even two blocks away. It's really scary. Hopefully we can come together as a community and build relationships.

The investigation is ongoing.


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