‘This will inspire others:’ Gov. Walker discusses new workforce development partnership at Foxconn construction site

MOUNT PLEASANT -- Friday afternoon, Aug. 17, Governor Scott Walker underwent a training session on machines being used at the Foxconn construction site while discussing a new workforce development partnership.

The governor once again spoke on the domino effect of job growth this project has throughout the state.

"Our hope would be not only for some of the new employees today who are getting into construction," Walker said. "But this will inspire others to get into the trades get into construction transportation certainly manufacturing."

This is part of the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development's efforts to recruit train those interested in the construction trades through private and public partnerships.

"I think this project as much as anything is not just about the physical infrastructure really about the generations to come," Walker said.

Many of the employees surrounding the governor are entering the field of construction for the first time or learning new skills on the training grounds.

"They put it together as a workforce development so that we could all come out and learn skill trade," truck driver Celia Griffin said. "It's a family they really do help. They really do want you do it safely and learn how to operate it correctly."

When asked if Walker is at all concerned for the future of Foxconn should he not be re-elected for a third term, the governor responded by saying he plans to be there for ribbon cutting.

The governor further said that Foxconn's contract is with the state which means it does not impact who is in office. He once again said the company's incentives are all performance based.