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‘An urban success:’ Final 2 parcels in Menomonee Valley sold to companies looking to expand

MILWAUKEE -- After more than a decade, the last two parcels in Milwaukee's Menomonee Valley will be developed, and the plans will bring jobs to the area.

"This is the story of an urban success," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Once considered an eyesore, Mayor Barrett on Wednesday, Aug. 22 announced the site of the old Milwaukee Road Shops will be fully developed.

"There were no jobs here, no people here. There was no activity whatsoever. We have now completed sales on the final two pieces of land in the Menomonee Valley," said Barrett.

Badger Railing, one of the first to call the Menomonee Valley home in 2007 will expand its current facility by 1.8 acres to the north.

"We fabricate and we install miscellaneous steal. It's a neat business because we create things," said Tom Mulhaney, Badger Railing owner.

Splat! Digital Printing, having outgrown its current space, is building a new commercial printing operation on two acres of land nearby.

"We're going to be able to build a 38,000-square-foot building on Wheelhouse Rd. and hopefully in the next 10 years, we'll be able to outgrow that as well," said Jeff Gregg, Splat! Digital Printing owner.

The news marks the end of a 15-year effort to redevelop the site.

"There are 11 businesses now in this business park, employing over 1,400 people and that actually exceeds what we had hoped to achieve," said Barrett.

Along with those businesses, the Menomonee Valley will feature hiking and biking trails, a food truck pavilion and other public spaces -- combining industry with recreation.

"We've just seen an incredible rebirth of the valley, so now we're excited for the next chapter!" said Corey Zetts, Menomonee Valley Partners executive director.

The Menomonee Valley has also been recognized for going green due to increased green space and its own storm water treatment system.

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