‘Traumatizing:’ 3 teens arrested after police pursuit of stolen car leads to violent crash in Milwaukee

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MILWAUKEE -- Two vehicles, three departments and several injuries. A police pursuit from Wauwatosa to Milwaukee ended with a grisly crash Friday, Aug. 24.

Near 60th and Chambers, tire marks can be seen where an SUV jumped the curb and rolled over. The vehicle hit a van and part of a home causing damage to everything and everyone in its path.

Crash at 60th & Chambers, Milwaukee

Officials say it began just after 11 a.m., Wauwatosa police officers responded to the area of 75th and Clarke for a report of a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood. An officer located the vehicle traveling in the area of 66th and Lisbon -- and attempted to conduct a traffic stop. The vehicle fled and a short pursuit ensued.

A news release indicates the vehicle being pursued struck a garage in the area of 66th and Moltke. Almost immediately after the pursuit was terminated, the vehicle drove through a stop sign at 60th and Chambers and collided with another vehicle.

Crash at 60th & Chambers, Milwaukee

"I heard a big old boom," Ciara Smith said.

As the collision echoed, residents looked out to see a mangled mess.

"I seen a truck flipped over everybody scattered," Neisha Johnson said.

Crash at 60th & Chambers, Milwaukee

Placed on stretchers and carried away from the wreckage, cell phone video captures the Milwaukee Fire Department tending to several victims at a crash.

Officials said two children were taken to Children's Hospital and several others were taken by private ambulance for treatment. One of the occupants of the struck vehicle was conveyed to Froedtert Hospital for minor injuries. The vehicle’s other occupant was not hurt.

Crash at 60th & Chambers, Milwaukee

"I'm just glad they are blessed," Smith said.

Three juveniles in the fleeing vehicle, ages 14 to 16, were arrested at the scene and transported to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin for their injuries. The 15-year-old male driver and 16-year-old female passenger both had warrants for their arrest.

"I seen the police chasing after a young man," Johnson said. "They caught him, he was limping cause he was injured real bad. It was bad."

Crash at 60th & Chambers, Milwaukee

While thankful they all survived, folks are bothered that reckless crashes like this happen all too often.

"This could have been a worse situation,"Johnson said. "People could have been dead -- innocent people. It's just scary, ya know, traumatizing."

"I've been living here for two years and there's been accidents back to back," Smith said.

The fleeing vehicle had been reported stolen to the Milwaukee Police Department on Aug. 23.

Crash at 60th & Chambers, Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Police Department will be handling the investigation of the motor vehicle crashes. The Wauwatosa Police Department will be handling the arrests of the occupants of the stolen/fleeing vehicle.

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