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Cellphone case turns into stun gun

NEW ORLEANS — A New Orleans company is turning cellphones into stun guns.

The new high-tech device, from the New Orleans-based company “Yellow Jacket Case” is hoping to turn your phone into a non-lethal form of self-defense.

The phone case comes equipped with a special battery in the back which not only powers the Taser that pops out when turned on, but also acts as a battery charger for your phone.

Once the Taser is activated your phone automatically sends your location to a select group of people in your contacts.

One woman says having something like it makes her feel safer on the streets.

“Normally most women do — we have our bag, our keys in one hand, and our phone in the other,” said Xuan Nguyen, owns Yellow Jacket Case.

“When you flip a switch, the prongs will come out and it will automatically start recording. When you fire the stun gun the safety has to be off. It will drop a locator pin of where you are,” said Chris Zavala, president and co-founder of Yellow Jacket Case.

Right now the Taser can only be used for personal protection at close range. The product first surfaces in 2013 as a startup company. Since then it’s redesigned to be more powerful, five to seven amps in a zap.

The detachable stun gun and phone case starts at $80 for an iPhone six model.