‘Kind of unusual:’ Woman finds 7-foot boa constrictor in her living room — and it’s not hers

MILWAUKEE -- An unwanted visitor was discovered inside a Milwaukee apartment on Saturday, Sept. 1. The real question is, how did it get there?

It's the last thing you'd expect to see slithering across your living room floor.

"I put my flashlight underneath that footstool and I was thinking, 'that can't be,'" said Paul Winkelmann, Advanced Wildlife Control co-owner.

It was surprising even for Winkelmann, whose family business is wildlife control and pest removal.

Paul Winkelmann

"We got a phone call from a very distraught woman. You can imagine..." said Winkelmann.

At her apartment near 95th and Brown Deer Road, Winkelmann found the seven-foot boa constrictor hiding in the living room.

"I got him inside the bucket, put the cover on and walked out. The whole thing did not take me more than a minute," said Winkelmann.

Here's the real catch: The boa constrictor doesn't belong to the person who lives there.

"All I know is, for me, this is kind of unusual," said Winkelmann.

Winkelmann said he predicts the snake is a pet that got loose.

"It had to be. How else would it have gotten there?" said Winkelmann.

While the snake is non-venomous, it's not necessarily something you'd want as your roommate either.

"When he finds a prey that's alive, he'll go around it, just like he's going around my wrist right now. I personally thanked him for his cooperation later," said Winkelmann.

Winkelmann said he wants to find the rightful owner, or a good home for the big snake. To get in contact with the folks at Advanced Wildlife Control, CLICK HERE.

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