Group in Mount Pleasant upset with rain runoff flowing from Foxconn site into nearby river

MOUNT PLEASANT -- A Mount Pleasant resident says Foxconn and the Village of Mount Pleasant fell short in preventing torrents of rain runoff from flowing into nearby ditches and streams. However, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources officials feel differently.

Pools of rainwater were still visible along Highway H and the Foxconn construction site on Thursday, Sept. 6. On Monday, 3 it looked more like a river.

Rain runoff near Foxconn site in Mount Pleasant

Cellphone video taken on Labor Day shows runoff from Foxconn's build site gushing into a nearby ditch.

Kelly Gallaher

"Turned my car around and pulled it off to the side," said Kelly Gallaher.

Gallaher, a longtime Mount Pleasant resident, said she captured the video.

"On Monday, we received a messageĀ from a resident in the area that significant water had broken through the barrier and was flowing into land -- Park Creek --which is a tributary that goes into the Pike River," said Gallaher.

Gallaher is a member of the group "A Better Mt. Pleasant," and said the inability to prevent the seepage, even during heavy rain, threatens the environment surrounding the Pike River.

Rain runoff near Foxconn site in Mount Pleasant

"It's the responsibility of the village and of Foxconn to live up to their promises and protect that body of water," said Gallaher.

However, a statement from the DNR says the issue was handled quickly by the project manager: "Sigma, in accordance with the storm water construction general permit, promptly inspected and addressed the immediate runoff issue."

Rain runoff near Foxconn site in Mount Pleasant

The DNR added the construction of the retention basins is ongoing, and had not been completed prior to the heavy rain.

Still, Gallaher said she questions whether any action would have taken place if not for her posting the cellphone video online.

Rain runoff near Foxconn site in Mount Pleasant

"Ultimately, it took residents to force them to do it," said Gallaher.

The video may be impressive, but the Foxconn project manager said the runoff was handled in accordance with their permit, and the DNR agreed.

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