Wild Works and Wellness is ‘more than just a gym, we’re a fitness community’

MILWAUKEE -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at Wild Workouts and Wellness in Milwaukee. Wild is unique in the fitness industry because they apply natural health methods to the practice. It includes a smart workout design and a  four-pillar health and lifestyle approach.

About Wild Workouts and Wellness (website) 

Amber Budahn found her passion for fitness through her experience as a 6 time All-American Collegiate record holder. After college, Amber moved to the Olympic Training Center to (literally) run for her goals of making an olympic team. But the pressure and lack of proper nutrition eventually left her burnt out, exhausted and unmotivated.

Desperate to feel better, Amber tried what she thought was a last resort: holistic health. After researching and finding mentors in the holistic health field, she finally started to get better. This experience is what led Amber to become a personal trainer. Her knowledge of holistic health, experience in the fitness industry and passion to truly feel her best allowed her to create the perfect storm of successful results for clients in a sustainable way.

Wild Workouts and Wellness is unique to the industry because it truly incorporates natural health practices into a fun and challenging atmosphere for any part of a client’s fitness journey. Not only do the clients at Wild see results in the mirror, but they feel better mentally and physically.

After over a decade of successful client growth; Amber Budahn sold Wild Workouts and Wellness to it’s new owner, Jason Neubauer, in September of 2017.

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