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MFD responds to ‘unusual fires’ near near 58th and Ruby, including garage, fence

Fires near 58th and Ruby

MILWAUKEE -- Police are investigating after a garage went up in flames on Saturday, Sept. 15. It was one of several fires near 58th and Ruby.

In just a small block, a garage, dumpster, garbage and fence were all set on fire. Police were on scene investigating Saturday afternoon as neighbors called for change.

"Got a call from my tenant, said the garage was on fire," said Theodore Minor, victim.

It's not the way Theo Minor ever wanted to start his day, when he got to his property.

Theo Minor

"Damage got done," Minor said.

Flames had already left their mark, but it wasn't the only destruction on the block. Just down the alleyway, a fence was burned.

Firefighters say a dumpster and pile of garbage was also set on fire.


"It's scary, you know, I come home and see tape. I see my neighbor's garage burnt up," said Robert Watson, neighbor.

It's unsettling, especially since this isn't the first time it has happened.

Fires near 58th and Ruby

"It was the same thing," Watson said. "Last year, that garage got burnt up on the corner."

Fires near 58th and Ruby

There are frustrations not knowing who, or why they are being targeted.

"Unfortunately, they were able to sneak over here and do what they did," Minor said.

However, it seems the negative on the block has somehow brought out a little positive.

"Thank God, you got good neighbors," said Watson.

Neighbors are dedicated to looking out for one another so this doesn't happen again.

Fires near 58th and Ruby

"The pain of somebody doing damage like this doesn't feel good," said Watson.

The Milwaukee Fire Department tells FOX6 News, it's "pretty unusual" to have calls like this all in one area.

The fires remain under investigation.

Fires near 58th and Ruby

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