32 artists featured in Fiserv Forum’s extensive collection

MILWAUKEE -- After 1,200 submissions, the Milwaukee Bucks selected just 32 artists to display their work at  Fiserv Forum. Of those 32, 22 artists have ties to Wisconsin.

The collection features 79 original artworks and 43 photographs. The Bucks, along with Sports and the Arts, helped to showcase some of the state’s most creative talents.

Charly Palmers’ art is on display outside Suite 13. He’s a Milwaukee native who now lives in Atlanta. His two pieces are entitled, “Hard Pressed” and “The Swingman.”

Milwaukee-based artist Della Wells works mainly with collages, and her piece is called, “The Fans are With Us.”

She used things like uniforms, old magazines and postcards to create it.

Wells said she was excited to see her work on display – not just for herself, but for her brother and nephew, who are big Bucks' fans.

“I wanted to do a piece not to just highlight the Bucks, but to also highlight the fans because they’re very important," said Wells.

One-hundred and seventy students also contributed to the collection.

Wauwatosa artist Dominic Inouye worked with high school students from four different schools to help represent all corners of Milwaukee. You can find the students’ photographs in the Upper Concourse South.

Another piece you can’t miss inside Fiserv Forum’s main concourse is Buckley. It’s a deer made of basketballs. There are a total of 5,000 pieces of leather, individually dyed by the artist to complete the show-stopping piece.

The artists involved said they know they’re part of a legacy that will be around for years to come.

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