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Irreplaceable motorcycle stolen from Waterford man’s garage: ‘It’s worth everything’

WATERFORD -- A Waterford garage was broken into and thousands of dollars worth of stuff was stolen from inside. One of the items was an irreplaceable motorcycle. The bike is very special to Ken Remer. It is a memorial to a friend who died in 2016.

"They came through this door. They jimmied this lock," said Remer. "It makes me sick to think about."

Remer's Waterford garage, located on Ela Avenue, was broken into Tuesday night, Sept. 18.

"I believe they knew what they were looking for," Remer said.

Remer is the owner of International Championship Events, and runs a motorcycle ice racing series.

"You can still see where they fingerprinted everything there," Remer said.

The thieves rifled through his truck, stole tires and rims and some tools. The most devastating loss is a very meaningful motorcycle.

"Immediately my heart sank," Remer said.

The 2006 Kawasaki 450 is worth more than anything else in his garage.

"It's more than just a bike," said Remer.

Ken Remer

The red, white and blue ice racer was a memorial to his friend, Kyle McGrane, who died in a racing accident.

"That bike goes everywhere with us, it goes on tour with us," Remer said.

It's priceless and has left Remer at a loss.

"I would give anything to get that bike back," said Remer.

Everything else can be replaced, Remer just wants that one special thing back where it belongs.

"It's worth everything in this world to us, please return it," said Remer.

If you have seen Remer's bike or know anything about where it might be you're encouraged to call Waterford police.

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