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Woman taken to hospital after hours-long police presence near 76th and Brown Deer

MILWAUKEE -- A woman was taken to the hospital following an hours-long police presence in the neighborhood just north of 76th and Brown Deer Sunday, Sept. 30.

Police said the 52-year-old woman was suffering from mental illness. She was shot in the leg with a bean bag to bring this situation to a resolution. She was taken to the hospital from the scene.

We're told there was one other person inside the apartment with the woman, but no one else was injured.

As of about 11 a.m., police were asking those in the area to leave, and blocking off a large chunk of the neighborhood.

"It's been a long time -- since before the Packers' game came on. Guns I've never seen before. They keep saying 'come to the door and talk to us. Just want to make sure you are OK,'" said Leslie Lee, neighbor.

This, after neighbors called 911, reporting a woman was outside, possibly armed with a gun -- making threats. The woman went into her apartment, allegedly threatened officers and wouldn't come out.

"They were met with verbal threats that they were going to be shot if they continued to stand there," said Lt. Eric Donaldson, Milwaukee Police Department.

Donaldson said she was shot with the bean bag when she came out unexpectedly.

"She's probably going to have a bruise on her leg from the bean bag, but ultimately, she is going to be fine," said Donaldson.

The incident was resolved as of about 6:30 p.m. Donaldson said they'll recommend a charge of failure to comply to the district attorney, but said the woman likely won't be charged.

"We are hoping she will get a serious assessment of mental health and hopefully she can get the treatment she needs," said Donaldson.

Police said they have a record of a mental health episode from two years ago, so it's unclear how the woman would have obtained any firearm. Investigators could not confirm whether she was actually armed.

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