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China Lights: Panda-Mania will illuminate the grounds of Boerner Botanical Gardens

MILWAUKEE -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at the Boerner Botanical Gardens for China Lights. China Lights: Panda-Mania will illuminate the grounds of the Boerner Botanical Gardens with over 40 new lantern displays, exciting performances, cultural displays, food, beverages, and more! This is the third tour of the renowned International Lantern Festival in Wisconsin. 

About China Lights: Panda-Mania (website)

Visit Milwaukee County's Boerner Botanical Gardens for a delightful evening of celebrating! The talented team of Chinese artisans and technical staff from Sichuan Tianyu are back with 45 new, handmade lanterns depicting animals, plants, traditions, and more!

The lantern exhibits of panda habitat and other endangered species and three interactive displays will be among the new highlights at this year’s festival.

History of Lanterns

The tradition of lighting lanterns began centuries ago. Lantern festivals can be traced back to the beginning of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25–220). On the 15th day of the first month in the Chinese calendar people lit fireworks and lanterns to pray for good harvest and good fortune.