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‘He’s been here before:’ Break-in at Uptowner bar nets just ‘a handful of drink tokens’

Uptowner bar

RIVERWEST -- Fresh off wins by the Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee Brewers on Sunday, Sept. 30, a Riverwest bar ended up taking a loss. An evening of celebration turned into a morning of mischief.

Police are investigating a burglary at Uptowner bar, located at the corner of Center Street and Humboldt Boulevard. Workers there said they decided to close early Sunday night after the afternoon and evening fanfare, but the burglary suspect had other plans.

"Dude pried open the door and came in. He went to one of the gambling machines and he pried that open. He grabs the box and then like, scurried away," said Bob Ellquist, bartender.

Uptowner bar

Burglary of Uptowner, Milwaukee

The suspect was captured by the surveillance cameras.

"He tried to go to the register, but there was nothing in there. He tried to pry it open, but didn't know how. Now it's all dented," said Ellquist.

He made off with some chump change.

"He stole a handful of drink tokens," said Ellquist.

Ellquist said not only was the heist not worth it, the thief's dubious behavior was hurtful to the staff and business.

"It sucks. It's somebody that also probably comes here. He's obviously been here before," said Ellquist.

Bob Ellquist

Ellquist said while the locks and gaming machines can be fixed, their trust has been fractured.

"We are going to find you dude. We are going to find you," said Ellquist.


Milwaukee police are investigating. If you have any information as to who the crook may be, please call MPD.

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