Game Show Battle Rooms ‘is one of the nation’s only game show experience available for everyone’

BROOKFIELD -- Brian Kramp spent the morning Game Show Battle Rooms in Brookfield.

What is Game Show Battle Rooms? (website)

Game Show Battle Rooms is one of the nation's only game show experience available for everyone: friends, family, coworkers and anyone over age 10+. We provide an immersive game show arena, engaging hosts, and a mix of game shows to create an unforgettable experience. Perfect for birthday parties, friend or family outings, corporate team-building events, bachelor(ette) parties, or just for fun!

How does this work?

Two teams will face-off playing game show games for one hour. It's ideal to book even numbers to create even teams, but don't worry we designed the games to be fair for uneven team numbers too. Score will be kept and at the end of the hour a winner will emerge. You will get to take a picture with the ultimate champion trophy and get on the "Wall of Fame".

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