Courtroom outburst: Man charged in Carlie Beaudin’s murder spews expletives at hearing

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Kenneth Freeman in court

MILWAUKEE -- The man charged in Carlie Beaudin's murder had a courtroom outburst on Friday morning, Feb. 8. Kenneth Freeman began shouting out moments after his public defender called into question Freeman's competency.

Restrained in a wheelchair, Freeman, 27, was in court Friday for a preliminary hearing. Freeman's lawyer began to say that "he has reason to believe competency is an issue." Before he could finish, Freeman interrupted his attorney shouting, "I have something to say." He followed with a series of expletives.

Freeman got stunned -- sinking lower into his chair. Sheriff's deputies removed him from the courtroom -- and took him back to his holding cell.

Kenneth Freeman outburst in court

Kenneth Freeman outburst in court

Kenneth Freeman

Meanwhile, the court commissioner ordered Freeman be returned to Milwaukee County Sheriff's custody -- and be assessed by a doctor.

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Freeman's public defender declined to comment.

Carlie Beaudin, a 33-year-old Froedtert Hospital nurse practitioner, was found brutally beaten in a hospital parking structure two weeks ago.

Carlie Beaudin

Freeman is set to re-appear in court on March 12. His bail has been set at $500,000.

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