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Great mid-winter workout! Wilmot HS football players clear driveways for neighbors

Wilmot Union High School football players shovel snow

TREVOR -- It was a snow day for many students across southeast Wisconsin on Tuesday, Feb. 12, including those at Wilmot Union High School. While many stayed inside, members of the school's football team went charging out into the cold and came to the aid of their neighbors.

A day off of school for snow means a day of, what the coach calls, character building.

"I was just laying in bed and I got a call from Coach Hoppy, and he said 'get up, put some clothes on, we're going shoveling'," said Logan Pye, football player.

Wilmot Union High School football players shovel snow

The team pushed a lot of wet, heavy snow shoveling dozens of driveways that aren't their own.

"Helping out the community," said Cal Jenkins, football player.


A bit of cold team bonding the athletes didn't seem to mind.

"I think it's one of the best things we could have done with a snow day," said Pye.

Logan Pye

"Most high schools are sleeping in today, getting things done at their house, but these guys want to give back to their community," said Brian Hopkins, coach at Wilmot Union High School.

Training for the football season starts right in a snowy driveway.

Way to go Panthers!

Wilmot Union High School football players shovel snow

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