Latasha Savage sentenced to 3 years probation for role in alleged plot to kill prosecutor

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Latasha Savage

MILWAUKEE — 45-year-old Latasha Savage was sentenced in a Milwaukee County courtroom on Tuesday, Feb. 12 for her role in an alleged plot to kill a prosecutor that got her son behind bars.

Savage was sentenced to three years in prison and two years extended supervision — but that sentenced was stayed by the court. The judge then placed Savage on three years probation.

Savage’s son, Steven Jordan, is accused in a plot to harm or kill former assistant district attorney Laura Crivello, according to court documents.

Prosecutors say Steven Jordan was willing to pay thousands to carry out an attack. He is charged with conspiracy to commit battery, solicitation to commit battery and solicitation to commit first-degree intentional homicide.

Steven Jordan

Prosecutors say Jordan, 25, was soliciting payments ranging from $2,500 to more than $7,000 to inmates that could have Crivello “beat up,” “slap her around,” or “pop her.” Jordan’s motive goes back to a plea deal he took in 2016.

Crivello recommended Jordan get 20 to 25 years in prison followed by 20 to 25 years of extended supervision. Jordan’s attorney asked for ten years in prison and ten years of extended supervision. In the end, Jordan was sentenced to 14 years in prison with 13 years of extended supervision.

According to the criminal complaint, Jordan’s anger with Crivello over her suggestion for a higher sentence surfaced within the first couple weeks in prison. He was reportedly making threats against her “every day.” Jordan also asked for his mother’s help in the plot — 44-year-old Latasha Savage. Several of their prison phone calls were recorded.

Savage was arrested in this case on a charge of conspiracy to commit battery.

If convicted, Jordan now faces 24 more years in prison while his mother faces six years.

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