‘He’s a dangerous individual:’ US Marshals offer reward for wanted fugitive Torrance Harris

MILWAUKEE -- It’s a manhunt that’s crossed city limits and gone beyond state lines. For over a year, the US Marshals fugitive task force has been searching for Torrance Harris.

“We’re just one step behind him,” the deputy Marshal on the case said. “He’s a dangerous individual. Presumed to be armed and dangerous.”

Harris is wanted for conspiracy to distribute dangerous drugs, specifically cocaine and heroin. A federal indictment arrested 11 members of his crew in September 2017.

“Torrance is a high-priority subject because he’s the lead of this conspiracy indictment,” the deputy on the case said. “We’re not going to stop looking for him, it’s very important for us to get him in custody.”

Harris goes by the nickname of 'T-Mack'. Officials say he stands 5'10" and weighs 200 pounds. Authorities say he’s been able to hide in a network of people that extends from Milwaukee’s north side to the the City of Chicago.

“Torrance, we will get him in custody," the deputy said. "We’re just one step behind him. We really need those tips."

The deputy US Marshal on the case says credible information leading to his arrest will be rewarded in a cash amount. The deputy US Marshal says any callers will remain anonymous. Their names never appear in court records.

“It’s totally understandable when people are hesitant to call in to law enforcement because they always think they are going to have to testify or be subpoena in court but truth of the matter is with us, it’s strictly anonymous,” he said.

If you have information that could help authorities on this case, you are urged to call 414-297-3707.

Tips can also be sent in anonymously through the new US Marshals mobile tip app. It can be used to safely, discreetly, and anonymously report wanted fugitives, non-compliant sex offenders, and threats to the judiciary.

To submit a tip on your phone, download the “USMS Tips app from your mobile provider's marketplace. When you submit a tip using the “USMS Tips mobile app, you can choose to receive push notifications to stay connected with the US Marshal service.

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