‘You never know until it hits home:’ Family wants answers after 25-year-old man killed in double shooting

Quadir Black

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee family is calling for an end to gun violence after their loved one was killed on the city's north side. Quadir Black, 25, was shot Thursday morning, Feb. 28 near 25th and Medford. Police have a person in custody. His family is left broken and wondering why.

"I want to touch him. I can't do that right now," said Myrtle Black, victim's mother.

An agonizing realization for a mother one day after losing her youngest son.

Quadir Black

Myrtle Black

"You always thing that it won't be your family," said Myrtle Black.

For Myrtle Black, the sadness is nearly suffocating.

"You never know until it hits home," Myrtle Black said. "It has hit home for us very hard."

1 dead, 1 injured in shooting near 25th and Medford

Quadir Black left behind children and family struggling to accept the loss.

"It's still not real yet," said Greg Black, victim's brother. "It's going to be rough. We have to take it day by day."

Greg Black

Family members say Quadir Black had rough patches throughout his life, but was focused on his future.

Quadir Black

1 dead, 1 injured in shooting near 25th and Medford

"He was always picking himself up, kept on pushing and pushing. Trying to make himself better," Myrtle Black said.

As Milwaukee police piece together the deadly shooting, loved ones hope to one day learn why.

"That's closure for the mother, for the family," Myrtle Black said.

A family searching for answers and closure, with the wish another never feels their pain.

"This gun violence in Milwaukee just has to stop. It just has to stop," said Myrtle Black.

One other person was injured in the shooting and is expected to survive. Police are still looking into what led up to the incident.

1 dead, 1 injured in shooting near 25th and Medford

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