‘Learned his lesson:’ 2-time drunk driver sentenced to 6 years behind bars; victim recovering

KENOSHA -- A Kenosha man who was arrested twice in one night for drunk driving and nearly killing a woman has been sentenced. Jesse Liddell will spend six years behind bars -- and his victim is working to make sure what happened to her doesn't happen to anyone else.

Jesse Liddell pulled over for suspected OWI


Jennifer Kilburn

This marks the end of one chapter for the victim, but Jennifer Kilburn said, "This was like the end, the big finale I guess you could say."

After an eight month roller coaster, Kilburn is finally able to move forward.

"I just don't want this to happen to anybody else," explained Kilburn.

Jesse Liddell

The Kenosha nurse's life was turned upside down in August of last year. As she was on her way to work, she was hit by a drunk driver. Kilburn was rushed to the hospital and Lidell was taken to jail. Investigators soon learned it wasn't his first arrest of the night. Just two hours earlier, he was taken into custody in Pleasant Prairie for drunk driving.

Lidell was charged with injury by intoxicated use of a vehicle -- and pleaded guilty. On Thursday, March 28, he was sentenced to six years in prison with five years of extended supervision.

"I hope that he is really, truly sorry for what he did, and he gets the help he needs," said Kilburn.

Jennifer Kilburn

Kilburn is back on the job after a crash that nearly took her life. She's trying to move forward.

"I hope he's learned his lesson, and that he doesn't ever do this again," said Kilburn.

Jesse Liddell

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