‘Bring it back:’ Woman with disabilities hopes thief who stole scooter will ‘do the right thing’

Nancy Tyszka

WEST ALLIS -- A West Allis family hopes someone does the right thing, and returns a stolen scooter belonging to a woman with disabilities. For her, it's not just a scooter. It's her connection to the world outside her home. So far, police haven't been able to help.

FOX6 News spoke with Nancy Tyszka on Monday, April 8, with temperatures reaching 70. The 58-year-old would do anything to walk a mile in someone else's shoes.

"I come out of the door and I have to sit down. My legs just don't..." said Tyszka.

Nancy Tyszka

Severe arthritis and neuropathy keep her nearly confined to her West Allis home. Freedom -- her vehicle -- is 35 feet from the door, but she can't get there.

"This has just been horrible. Horrible for her," said Nancy's sister Mary Katz.

Mary Katz

Tyszka, a nurse with disabilities, relied on a scooter to take her to and from her vehicle -- until Saturday afternoon, April 6, when a thief stole the scooter, and with it, Tyszka's independence.

"Broad daylight. I'm not going to say it's a lifeline, but it kind of, sort of is," said Tyszka.

Tyszka and her sister said they believe the thief put the scooter in the back of a truck and took off. The thief can't ride it, because Tyszka has the only key.

"Do the right thing and bring it back. Drop it off when no one can see you. You obviously took it when nobody could see you. She needs it. She's homebound without it," said Katz.

Nancy Tyszka

Tyszka's health insurance won't cover a new scooter and her disability check only covers her bills. Katz was doing her best to help with shopping and errands ahead of a scheduled shoulder surgery -- leaving Tyszka on her own.

"I don't care about anything over than getting the scooter back so we can manage. So we can do stuff. So I can carry stuff to the house, especially after Thursday," said Tyszka.

West Allis police are investigating, but as of Monday afternoon, they did not have any suspects.

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