Fan preserves Milwaukee Bucks memories 1 poster — and game — at a time

Allen Witkowski -- Milwaukee Bucks poster artMILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Bucks' 2018-2019 season is one that will be remembered for generations. One fan has found a way to preserve that memory -- one game at a time.

"I start from scratch," said Allen Witkowski.

Witkowski is in his final year of college at the University of Minnesota.

"A lot of tinkering goes into the process, but this is the fun part -- getting it to look right," said Witkowski.

Allen Witkowski

Allen Witkowski

While he spends most of his time in Minnesota, the Wauwatosa native's heart and mind is really in Milwaukee -- or wherever the Bucks might be on a given night.

"It helps me to stay connected with the team," said Witkowski. "It makes me want to watch the games more. It makes me remember more, because I did the poster for it."

Allen Witkowski -- Milwaukee Bucks poster art

This season has been one of the most fun Witkowski can remember, and for him, that goes back a ways.

Allen Witkowski -- Milwaukee Bucks poster art

"I remember when Michael Redd was on the team -- through the red and green era -- now to the Giannis era. I've grown into a bigger basketball fan," said Witkowski.

In December, Witkowski saw a contest the Portland Trailblazers were running for fans to create a poster for each game.

"They sell that poster at every game," Witkowski said. "I thought, 'Why can't the Bucks do this?'"

Starting in January, Witkowski began creating a poster for every game.

Allen Witkowski -- Milwaukee Bucks poster art

Allen Witkowski -- Milwaukee Bucks poster art

Allen Witkowski -- Milwaukee Bucks poster art

Allen Witkowski -- Milwaukee Bucks poster art

"I took it upon myself, and took to Bucks Reddit and make sure that could be a thing that could happen," Witkowski said. "I didn't realize how daunting the project was going to be. I got about five in and realized, 'I gotta come up with this.' Now, I have a book full of ideas."

An observant person by nature, Witkowski credits his skills as a writer and being an English major for his creativity.

"I'm also an art history major. Part of my inspiration comes from looking at all these pieces of art I studied," Witkowski said. "When we played the Bulls, I copied American Gothic, and put Bango and Bennie on there and called it I-94 Gothic. That was a fun little project for me. I could take a painting that's well-known and make it Milwaukee."

That's the real point for Witkowski, creating something special for Milwaukee.

"Give it that good 414 feeling," Witkowski said. "It's fun to have a fun piece of memorabilia to go with the game."

Witkowski's art is also bringing him closer to the organization he loves, game by game and poster by poster.

Allen Witkowski -- Milwaukee Bucks poster art

"I'm not part of the team, but I'm connected and I'm part of the culture," said Witkowski.

Witkowski isn't selling his work, saying it's more of a personal project for him. However, you can view it all online by CLICKING HERE.

Witkowski will also be creating posters for each playoff matchup.

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