Oconomowoc girl’s Make-A-Wish dream comes true with viral music video

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OCONOMOWOC -- When 7-year-old Ashlin Sanders of Oconomowoc was approached by the Make-A-Wish Wisconsin foundation to grant her a wish, she had a great idea to star in her very own viral music video.

Ashlin Sanders music video credit: Jimmy Samarco

Ashlin has already been through a lot in her seven years of living.

Ashlin Sanders

"Ashlin's living with end stage renal disease," said said Forrest Doolen, Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The disease Ashlin is living with causes kidneys to fail.

"Which for her has meant she had to have a kidney transplant," said Doolen.

When Make-A-Wish got word of Ashlin and her story, they approached her to make her wish come true.

"Ashlin wished to star in a music video," said Doolen.

Ashlin Sanders music video credit: Jimmy Samarco

Not just any music video, a viral video.

Part of what makes Ashlin's wish so unique is it requires the rest of the world's help in order to make it come true.

"It's a new one for us too," said Doolen. "We have not had a wish exactly like that."

Forrest Doolen

A new venture for everyone involved. Fortunately, Make-A-Wish knew someone with this kind of video production experience, and was able to get it shot.

"She chose 'Best Time Ever' by Kidz Bop," Doolen said.

Its world premiere was Thursday night, April 11, at the Make-A-Wish Gala and Ashlin -- and family -- were there to take it all in.

"After the music video played she came through the room and people were just so excited cheering her on," Doolen said.

A dream come true thanks to Make-A-Wish and you.

If you want to help Ashlin's dream come true, watch her video below.

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