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Good Samaritan saves woman being followed by man in Target after she mouths ‘help’

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MILWAUKEE -- A good Samaritan called police to say she helped a woman being aggressively followed by a man in a Waukesha Target store.

"I think she was in the right place at the right time for sure," said a woman who works in the area.

We're often so busy we can forget to look out for one another.

"I praise her. I think a lot of people don't want to get involved nowadays," said Kelly Kovnesky, shopper.

On Wednesday, April 17, a Waukesha woman about to walk into Target on Sunset Drive, made eye contact with another woman who reports being followed by an unknown man.

"She mouthed to me, 'help,'" the good Samaritan tells 911 dispatch.

The two pretended to know each other, forcing the male to turn away. FOX6 News is not naming the caller at her request.

911 Dispatcher: "Was the female upset?"

Good Samaritan: "She seemed more confused than anything. She said that this man kept telling her how beautiful she was."

According to her 911 call, the woman being followed went to another boutique in an effort to ward the stranger away before asking for help in the parking lot.

"She noticed he was following her again and that's when she saw me and I was able to get her into my car and I watched her leave in her car," the good Samaritan tells 911 dispatch.

Other employees in the plaza tell FOX6 News of a similar incident on Monday, April 15. A woman went into a boutique while a man was lingering around the parking lot.

"We watched through the window and made sure when she pulled away he didn't follow or anything, otherwise we would call police for her," said a woman who works in the area.

Now, employees wonder if the two incidents are connected and what they would do in such a situation.

There's not a very good description of the man following the woman available at this time. Waukesha police say they are working to develop new leads.

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