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‘We’re growing together:’ Coach LaFleur, Aaron Rodgers speak positively of each other at OTAs

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Green Bay Packers Coach Matt LaFleur, QB Aaron Rodgers

GREEN BAY — The Green Bay Packers gathered Tuesday, May 21 for practice at Hinkle Field on the first day of OTAs (organized team activities). It marked the start of what fans hope will be a long and fruitful relationship — with a new head coach at the helm.

It’s not Dating 101, but rather, Football 101, but the same principle applies. You don’t just leap into a relationship. You let it grow organically.

FOX6 News found Aaron Rodgers and Matt LaFleur doing just that.

“I think it’s going great. He’s fun to be around. You can see how much fun he has out on that field, but we’ve had a lot of good conversations and I think we’re growing together,” said Coach LaFleur.

“We spent a ton of time here at the facility. He’s in all of our meetings, like I said. We’re constantly communicating. You know, I’m not worried about about the development of the relationship. It’s going to naturally get to where it needs to go,” said Rodgers.

“What’s so cool is we are in alignment on everything we’ve talked about,” said LaFleur.

There are clearly no guarantees, but if LaFleur and Rodgers can stay together, the team stands a better chance of not falling down.

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