89-year-old Korean War veteran receives honorary diploma from West Allis high school

MILWAUKEE — Seventy years ago a West Allis Central High School student dropped out of school and joined the United States Marine Corps. On Thursday, June 6, he finally received his diploma.

Ron Ziolecki fought in the Korean War. He returned home three years later, got married, and raised three children.

He worked for 40 years at “Unit Drop Forge” — a local steel company. But he was never able to get his high school diploma until now.

“After you go through a war, and you come back home and you get this opportunity, I think it’s tremendous,” said Ziolecki. “An education is the most important thing you can get. In my grandpa’s book I always wrote to my grandchildren, ‘get an education.'”

More than 80 students joined the 89-year-old for the special walk across the stage.



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