Whitefish Bay police: Sex offender charged with registry violation arrested in Marathon County

Raymond Hoelzer

WHITEFISH BAY — Whitefish Bay police announced Tuesday, Aug. 6 Raymond Hoelzer was taken into custody at a home in the Village of Elderon in Marathon County.

An arrest warrant was issued for Hoelzer on Aug. 1, as a felony sex offender registry violation charge was filed against him.

Police said an anonymous tip came in that Hoelzer was staying with someone in Elderon, and Marathon County sheriff’s officials followed up on that tip, arresting him Tuesday afternoon. Hoelzer was being held in the Marathon County Jail, police said Tuesday.

According to police, on July 24, Hoelzer, a registered sex offender, allegedly approached two kids on the sidewalk near Klode Park, and asked them to look at a supposed Disney character image on his phone. The kids, feeling uncomfortable, began to call 911, but never completed the call after Hoelzer walked away toward Klode Park.

A few days later, police said an officer spotted Hoelzer standing in the men’s bathroom at the park. Hoelzer left when the officer went in.

Klode Park

Police, who didn’t know about the incident with the two children days earlier, said Hoelzer was later seen behind bushes, watching people at the beach. When the officer spoke with Hoelzer, he said he “was off work, enjoying the good weather.”

A short time later, police said Hoelzer was spotted pacing in front of Richards Elementary School, saying he was out for a walk.

Police checked for warrants, and Hoelzer came back clear, but police didn’t realize he was a registered sex offender — or that he allegedly approached the two children near the park days earlier.

In a new alert on Aug. 1, officials indicated they had been to Hoelzer’s residence numerous times, and he was not there. They interviewed people known to Hoelzer — and “were able to gain proof that he was not abiding by the requirements of the State of Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry.” Those findings were brought to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office, and the charge was filed.

Raymond Hoelzer

Raymond Hoelzer

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