‘Start with a plan:’ Professors offer advice as UWM students prepare for the new school year

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MILWAUKEE -- For incoming freshman, the start of college brings a lot of new freedom. Students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will be heading back to campus starting Aug. 27, and professors at UWM offered some advice about how to avoid starting off on the wrong foot.

"Oftentimes, parents are going to want to be overly involved in that transition to campus, but it's important for parents to realize that students' ability to figure this out themselves is really critical," said Jeremy Page, UWM School of Education assistant dean of student services.

Page's career has focused on how to help students succeed in a college environment -- because when he was an 18-year-old freshman, he made some mistakes.

"I went home a lot of weekends initially, that first semester," said Page.

Rebecca Neumann

Page said staying home prevented him from finding his place on campus -- an important part of success.

"There's a lot of research that talks about a student's capacity to identify with a place, and develop that sense of belonging on campus -- is really critical," said Page.

The key, Page said, is planning. Planning is a big part of financial success as well.

"Start with a plan," said Rebecca Neumann, professor of economics. "Start, and sit down and budget. Actually write it down."

Neumann teaches a personal finances course. She said students should follow their passion, but understand where that leads.

''One of the big focuses for us is to say, 'Whats your major? What's it going to get you? What kind of jobs are out there, and what kind of income are you going to have in the future?'" said Neumann.

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