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Outpost Natural Foods lays off employees following salmonella scare

MILWAUKEE — Outpost Natural Foods is laying off some employees following a salmonella scare.

The grocery store location in Bay View says, since the possible contamination was discovered on Aug. 23, there have been no reports of illnesses.

More tests were done and no new traces of salmonella have been found.

Outpost Natural Foods

All food and meat processing at the central kitchen facility still is on hold at this time.

Outpost Natural Foods General Manager Pam Mehnert, released a statement reading in part:

“While all of these steps are positive, our central kitchen facility remains temporarily closed. Because we are not producing our regular volume of food to sell in our stores and to our wholesale accounts, our sales have dropped. And because we were not able to deploy all 60 employees from our central kitchen facility to our store locations, we have been forced to lay off some of those workers.

You may imagine that all of these circumstances combined have been very challenging. We need your support and patronage to continue to recover and to keep your co-op strong. I’ve personally decided to cook more meals from scratch rather than eat out, in order to patronize Outpost more frequently.  Whatever choice you can make to support us at this time, is greatly appreciated.”

Outpost isn’t saying how many people lost their jobs.

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