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‘They just exploded:’ Women get into fist-fueled fight inside Coggs Human Services Center

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MILWAUKEE -- A fist-fueled fight was captured on camera and spread to thousands on social media in a matter of hours, and it's not just the brawl that has many concerned. It happened during a busy morning inside the Coggs Human Services Center.

In the video, some folks are seen seeking safety and others shake their head in disgust.

"To come into a building, a state building at that and start commotion... it ain't good at all," said Monica Brown, witnessed fight.

The fight happened inches away from a stroller and in plain sight of children.

"They just exploded," said Meri Murray, watched video.

Two women can be seen brutally beating each other as families wait to be serviced at the center.

"I don't think that is cool for them to fight in front of kids like that," said Donna Thomas, watched video.

Punches were thrown repeatedly along with kicks and stomps.

"It's scary," said Murray. "They didn't care who they were fighting, they didn't care where they were fighting and who they affected."

Witnesses said security did respond but the damage was already done.

"I can only imagine how peoples kids feel" said Thomas.

Kids were screaming and crying as Milwaukee police were called to scene. When they arrived, officers say medical attention was refused and the "known actor" was no longer on scene.

"This kind of negative behavior is stupid and it's beyond people. People need to behave," Murray said.

FOX6 News reached out to a contact we were given by security but have not heard back about the incident or personnel response.

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