The video game system Sega is making a comeback with a mini console

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We’re playing with the new Sega Genesis Mini with 42 games, sure to bring back some memories from your childhood!

It’s been 30 years since the Sega Genesis console appeared on store shelves, but now it’s back!

The Sega Genesis Mini packs popular games in a smaller size and its made for modern TVs.

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SEGA is the latest video game maker to capitalize on our sense of nostalgia.

The original Sega Genesis launched here in the U.S. on August 14, 1989. Sega, synonymous with sonic, enjoyed brief success in the states, but eventually succumbed to Nintendo’s Mario might.

Now, the 90s console is back and smaller than ever! Sega Genesis Mini re-engineered with an HDMI output so you can play yesterday’s games on today’s tv’s.

The console is a lot smaller than it was back in the day, but the controllers are true to size.

The plug and play console has 42 pre-loaded games including two bonus titles not on the original, Tetris and Darius!

The music you hear behind the menu screen is original, but it was composed using the same sound chip that was inside the original unit.

There’s Mega Man, Kid Chameleon, Castlevania and Mickey, but the game you came to play is Sonic!

30 years later Sonic is still just as speedy, Mega Man challenging, and Tetris - always my favorite!

Today’s gamers are growing up on a diet of Fornite and Roblox might find the Genesis Mini stuck in the past with graphics showing their age and gameplay that seems simple, but that’s exactly the point.

The Sega Genesis Mini is $80 which isn’t a high price tag when you’re also getting 40 plus games. Whether it’s worth it depends on how many of them you plan to play!

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