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Prosecutors: Men who confessed to 3 armed robberies arrested within 30 minutes of 1st crime

Camron Johnson, Jamari Wilson

Camron Johnson, Jamari Wilson

MILWAUKEE — Charges were filed Tuesday, Oct. 1 against two young men from Milwaukee accused in connection with a robbery spree. Prosecutors said the first crime happened at 11:21 p.m. on Sept. 26, and the men were in custody by 11:49 p.m. Additionally, prosecutors said both men admitted to the crimes.

Camron Johnson, 18, faces two counts of armed robbery, as party to a crime, one count of attempted armed robbery, as party to a crime, and one count of possession of a firearm by an adjudicated delinquent of a felony.

Jamari Wilson, 19, faces two counts of armed robbery, as party to a crime, and one count of attempted armed robbery, as party to a crime.

According to a criminal complaint, on Sept. 26, around 11:30 p.m., police responded to the Domino’s Pizza near 60th Street and Capitol Drive, where a delivery driver indicated an armed robbery occurred near 56th Street and Hadley Street.

The driver said when she arrived at the location to deliver the order, the home was dark and there was a “for sale” sign on the lawn. There was a vehicle parked in front of the house, and when she started walking up to the house, she said a man later identified as Camron Johnson exited the vehicle. The driver said Johnson was holding a handgun and told the driver to, “Give me your money.” When she said she didn’t have any, the driver said Johnson patted her thigh, asking where her pockets were — before grabbing her phone and saying something about her vehicle. She said Johnson tried getting into her vehicle, but he wasn’t successful. She said he then got back into the vehicle parked in front of the house, and the driver, later identified as Wilson, pulled away.

Twenty minutes later, investigators spoke with a man who said he had been walking on Frederick Avenue near Linnwood Avenue when someone yelled from behind, asking if he had a cigarette. He said when he turned around, he saw a man later identified as Johnson, and a dark SUV just to the south of their location. The man said he looked down at his pocket to grab a cigarette, and when he looked up, Johnson had a handgun and told him to empty his pockets. The man said he grabbed his wallet (with just $2 inside), and handed it to Johnson, along with a cigarette. Johnson then ran to that dark SUV.

Prosecutors said at the same time, Johnson tried to rob another man in that same area — on Frederick Avenue near Linnwood Avenue. Prosecutors said the victim indicated Johnson pointed a small firearm at him and demanded his wallet. The victim said he refused, and the driver of a dark SUV, later identified as Wilson, told Johnson to get back into the vehicle.

Less than 20 minutes later, police spotted the SUV headed south on Oakland Avenue from Kenwood Boulevard — with Wilson driving and Johnson a passenger. The complaint said when they were arrested, Johnson was searched, and investigators found a $2 bill. A 9mm handgun was recovered from the vehicle, and the complaint said Johnson’s fingerprint was recovered from it. Additionally, investigators located the delivery driver’s cellphone in the SUV.

According to the complaint, Johnson and Wilson confessed to these crimes. Johnson wrote an apology letter, the complaint said.

Wilson indicated after the robbery involving the delivery driver, they drove to the east side because they “didn’t get enough from the first robbery.” He said he “didn’t know why he didn’t just go home after the first robbery.”

The complaint noted Johnson was an adjudicated delinquent in a 2017 case out of Milwaukee County in which he was charged with armed robbery with threat of force.

Online court records showed Johnson made his initial appearance in court on Tuesday. Cash bond was set at $10,000, and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for Oct. 9.

Wilson was in court for his initial appearance Wednesday, Oct. 2. Cash bond was set at $750, and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for Oct. 9.

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