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‘A lot of people calling:’ Arrival of cold temps means it’s time to check your furnace for issues

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MILWAUKEE -- Temperatures took a dip starting Friday, Oct. 11, making for a windy and cool Saturday, with temperatures in the 40s and wind chills in the 30s. It marked the start of the busy season for heating companies. Officials said fall is the best time to check your furnace and get problems taken care of before winter.

"When we get these real cold, first cold nights, everybody says, 'Oh, I better check my furnace,'" said Brian Seider with Seider Heating, Plumbing & Electrical. "Everybody turns it on at once, and all of a sudden, we have a lot of people calling us at the same time."

Seider Heating, Plumbing & Electrical

Cory Cudnoski

Cory Cudnoski

It's important to check your air filter, make sure your outdoor exhaust pipes are clear, and check the area around your furnace -- while also checking the batteries in your thermostat and carbon monoxide detectors.

"This filter is actually not what I would call too bad, but definitely ready to be changed for the years," said Cory Cudnoski, service technician.

An annual checkup by a professional can prevent major problems.

Brian Seider

Brian Seider

"I got here in the nick of time," said Cudnoski. "The intake wasn't supposed to be in the middle anymore, because the water would come down, destroy the gas valve, so that's exactly what`s happening."

"A lot of times, we go out on a service call, and they might have a major repair, and you have to weigh, what's the best option?" said Seider. "Should we go ahead and fix it? Or should we just go ahead and replace it?"

Maintenance in advance can help you avoid a costly breakdown.

"Turn on your furnace before it gets cold, just to make sure everything is functioning," said Seider. "If you hear a noise, don't try to fix it yourself. Call a good heating company."

Cory Cudnoski

Things will only get busier for heating companies until temperatures warm again, so it's best to get things scheduled as soon as possible.

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