‘Told you I would shoot you:’ 4 accused of firing from vehicle during chase before fatal crash

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MILWAUKEE -- Charges were filed Friday, Oct. 11 against three more Milwaukee men accused of firing at a vehicle while chasing it -- leading to a crash that killed one man and left a woman a quadriplegic. Prosecutors said the driver of the suspect vehicle, who was charged in June, told investigators all three of his passengers were armed and firing during the chase. Only one was in custody as of Friday.

Charges are as follows:

Demetri Jackson Jr., 34, of Milwaukee:

  • First-degree reckless injury, as party to a crime, use of a dangerous weapon
  • Possession of a firearm by a person convicted of a felony
  • Felony bail jumping

A warrant for Jackson Jr.'s arrest was issued Friday.

Pablo Johnson, 32, of Milwaukee:

  • First-degree reckless homicide, as party to a crime, use of a dangerous weapon
  • First-degree reckless injury, as party to a crime, use of a dangerous weapon

Johnson made his initial appearance in court Saturday. Cash bond was set at $100,000, and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for Oct. 22.

Montrell McCullum, 33, of Milwaukee:

  • First-degree reckless injury, as party to a crime, use of a dangerous weapon

A warrant for McCullum's arrest was issued Friday.

Jonathan Robinson, 31, the alleged driver of the suspect vehicle, was charged June 20 with the following:

  • First-degree reckless homicide, use of a dangerous weapon, as party to a crime
  • First-degree reckless injury, use of a dangerous weapon, as party to a crime

Robinson has a jury trial scheduled for February.

Demetri Jackson Jr., Pablo Johnson, Montrell McCullum, Jonathan Robinson

Demetri Jackson Jr., Pablo Johnson, Montrell McCullum, Jonathan Robinson

Seven months later, pictures wrapped around a tree near 37th Street and Locust Street remained a constant reminder of the death of Jermaine Bohannon in March.

Jermaine Bohannon

Jermaine Bohannon

"It's horrible," said a neighbor who didn't want to be identified. "I just feel like now, every day, I have to come outside and open up my door and see this tree memorial."

According to a criminal complaint, on March 30, officers responded to the area near 37th Street and Locust Street for a homicide. At the scene, they found four damaged vehicles, including Bohannon's vehicle, a 2007 gray Buick Lacrosse, which was found to have been on fire before police arrived, and suffered severe damage after crashing into a tree. It was also struck by several bullets. Bohannon was found nearby and pronounced dead at the scene. A .223 caliber rifle was recovered from a trashcan in a nearby alley.

"I heard a loud crash," said the neighbor. "Once I came outside, I saw a body thrown across the street."

Multiple casings were found in the area surrounding the shooting scene, including .45 caliber casings, .223 caliber casings, and .40 caliber casings.

"Our kids don't have anywhere to play," said the neighbor. "It's just not safe."

Crash that killed Jermaine Bohannon near 37th and Locust in March 2019

Witness statements

Crash that killed Jermaine Bohannon near 37th and Locust in March 2019A witness told investigators he heard what sounded like vehicles racing down the street, and saw two speeding vehicles -- with one driver appearing to be chasing the other. The witness said the driver of the Buick Lacrosse, Bohannon, lost control and crashed into trees, and the vehicle that was following, a Hyundai Genesis, soon came to a stop. The witness said two people exited the Genesis and walked up to the Lacrosse, one with a long gun. The witness said the gun was fired once into the Lacrosse, and the two people fled on foot, the complaint said. A front-seat passenger from the Lacrosse was treated at the hospital for a gunshot wound to her shoulder.

Another witness said after the crash, there were people trapped in the Lacrosse, which was on fire, and citizens tried to get them out without success. During this effort, the witness said a man walked up to the vehicle and said, "That is what you get. I told you I would shoot you." This man was caught on camera by the witness, the complaint said.

Police released an image of the man to the media and received information that the man was known as "Stacks" -- later identified as Robinson.

Crash that killed Jermaine Bohannon near 37th and Locust in March 2019

Statement from passenger in victim's vehicle -- left a quadriplegic after the crash

According to the complaint, a woman who became a quadriplegic as a result of this crash told investigators around noon on March 30, Bohannon and another person came over to her home and they all got into his vehicle. Near 37th and Garfield, she said she saw a silver vehicle in the intersection, which began following them at a high rate of speed. She recalled Bohannon and the other person in the vehicle she was in mentioned, "That is them."

She said the windows rolled down on the silver vehicle and she saw the occupants pulling on gloves. She said she "knew something bad was going to happen, so she ducked." She said they were being chased and shot at, and a bullet grazed her head. She said she could recall their vehicle hitting two other vehicles before finally hitting a tree. She said she ended up passing out on the floor of the vehicle after the crash. When she came to, she said she heard someone yelling, "Told your (expletive) I was gonna get you." She identified the man heard yelling at the scene as "Stacks."

DNA evidence found at the scene

The Hyundai Genesis was swabbed for DNA, and the complaint said one major male contributor was identified, along with two possible minor contributors. The major contributor was identified as that of Robinson, who prosecutors said was driving the Genesis. The minor contributors were determined to be "consistent with profiles that can be left by airbag installation," the complaint said.

According to the complaint, Robinson told police Pablo Johnson was seated behind him -- armed with a pistol, and Montrell McCullum was in the front seat next to him, armed with a pistol. Demetri Jackson was behind McCullum, armed with a long gun. Robinson admitted they had been chasing the victim's vehicle, and said his passengers fired shots at it.

Investigators spoke with a woman who was stopped by police in the Genesis two days before this incident, who said she loaned the vehicle to "Holla," who she identified as McCullum.

Prosecutors noted Johnson was on GPS monitoring at the time, and the complaint said the tracking data showed him in the area of the chase and crash. The complaint also noted a pole camera at the scene of the crash captured the Genesis and Lacrosse traveling at a high rate of speed before the crash.

Jermaine Bohannon

Prior criminal histories

Jackson was out on $12,000 cash bond in a first-degree recklessly endangering safety case in Milwaukee County from 2018 at the time of this incident, prosecutors said, and convicted of possession of cocaine, second offense out of Fond du Lac County in February.

Johnson was convicted of manufacture/deliver cocaine in December 2018.

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