ESPN report: NFL admits officiating mistake during Lions-Packers matchup at Lambeau

Green Bay Packers (Getty Images)

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — NFL Executive VP Troy Vincent said Tuesday, Oct. 15 NFL officials were wrong when they called a second hands-to-the-face penalty against Detroit Lions defensive end Trey Flowers that set up the Green Bay Packers’ game-winning field goal Monday night, according to

ESPN reported Vincent was asked about the penalties during a news conference at the league’s fall meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Tuesday, a day after the Packers defeated the Lions 23-22. According to ESPN, Vincent said the two controversial hands-to-the face-penalties — called against Flowers when he was rushing against the Packers’ David Bakhtiari in the fourth quarter — were a topic of discussion at a meeting with the competition committee on Tuesday. Vincent said he planned to talk to the Lions owner and GM.

“There was one that was clear that we support. And there was the other, when you look at it, when you review the play, not something that you want to see called in particular on the pass rush. One that you can support but the other one, clearly after you review it, you’ve seen some slo-mos, the foul wasn’t there,” Vincent said at the meeting Tuesday, according to ESPN.

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