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Root of hair problems: Common scalp conditions, healthy habits to improve them

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MILWAUKEE -- So many parts of our bodies need care and attention -- but when was the last time you gave your scalp a little TLC? Local Supercuts stylist Jonelle Todd joins Real Milwaukee to talk about the health of your head.

Skin is an important part of the body. Your scalp is part of that.

  • Scalp issues can lead to hair problems. Anything that builds up from product, dirt, and oil can cause problems with your follicles.
  • Scratching your scalp can damage the skin. That can affect how your hair grows.
  • Dryness on the scalp can also lead to irritation. Here in Wisconsin, the dry air in the winter makes that problem worse

About Dandruff

  • Dandruff and dry scalp are two common issues. A lot of people get both of them confused. A stylist can help determine what the problem is.
  • Dandruff occurs when there`s a buildup of oils on the scalp. It gets to the point where the scalp can`t breathe if there`s too much dandruff.
  • Dry scalp occurs when your scalp doesn`t get enough moisture. There are a variety of factors that can contribute to this, with dry air being one of them.
  • You need to know which condition you have because both are treated differently.
  • To treat dandruff, use a medicated shampoo or dandruff shampoo.
  • You may need to go through the whole bottle before you get to where you want to be. It takes a while to unplug the oil on your head.
  • To treat dry scalp, a deep conditioning treatment is one solution. You typically see results right away, but it still might take a couple times.
  • You can also try a take-home deep conditioning treatment. This mask goes on your head for 10-15 minutes. You likely won`t see immediate results, it may take 2 or 3 times.
  • You may need to use the mask more frequently in the beginning but can move to once every 2 weeks or month as time goes on.
  • The majority of people have dry scalp at some point in their life.
  • Dandruff isn't as common. A lot of people think they have it, when in fact it`s usually just dry scalp.
  • At Supercuts, we can help treat mild cases of either dry scalp or dandruff.
  • If treatments don't work, you'll need to see a doctor to make sure it`s not something like eczema.

How can people practice good scalp health?

  • Use a clarifying shampoo at least once a month. That helps clean buildup off your scalp, allowing moisture to get in. That can help prevent true dandruff.
  • ¬†Once a week, moisturize your scalp.
  • Use a wool hat this winter. Cotton absorbs oil from your scalp and causes it to dry out.
  • If you're looking for something natural, tea tree oil is good for your hair and scalp.
  • People who use tea tree shampoo for dandruff also see good results instead of using dandruff shampoo.
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