Comprehensive FOX6 News coverage of the Miller Brewery shooting

Impeachment trial underway, FOX6’s Jason Calvi to provide in-depth updates

MILWAUKEE — FOX6 News is committed to bringing you the most thorough coverage of the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump — for as long as the trial goes.

Throughout the impeachment trial, we plan to broadcast and stream the opening proceedings on FOX6, TV 6.2 as well as on, the FOX6 News app and on the FOX6 News Milwaukee Facebook page. After those initial proceedings have passed, we’ll continue broadcasting the trial coverage on TV 6.2 (as needed). We will always be streaming all content (via either one of the two streams below) to our online platforms. TV 6.2 is only available over-the-air and on Spectrum (channel 986 — or 189 in select viewing areas).


CLICK HERE to view LIVE STREAM 3 (most often used)

In addition to live broadcasts of the trial, FOX6 Political Reporter Jason Calvi will be monitoring the trial hour by hour — and provide updates on the proceedings online. He will also highlight the day’s biggest moments in reports during FOX6 newscasts in the evening. Calvi is watching it all — so you don’t have to.

Count on FOX6 News to bring you the most up-to-date impeachment trial coverage.

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