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Spring-like weather possible early March

MILWAUKEE — After a colder end to February, March is looking to start on the warmer side of things. The 6-10 day temperature outlook calls for well above average temperatures early March, with no signs of significantly colder air for some time. That means, we can expect more spring-like weather conditions to stick around for a while.

So how warm are we talking about? Well, temperature could consistently remain 10-20 degrees above average, which is around the mid-40s to mid-50s for March. However, that does not rule out having a few days in the 30s followed by a 60 degree day or two. Only time will tell exactly how this pattern will shape up, and just how warm some days in March might be.

Is this unusual for this time of the year?

No. In fact, meteorological spring begins on Sunday. That means we will be in what meteorologists and climatologists determine as the start of spring, when weather conditions are more favorable for spring weather and less winter weather). Meteorological winter spans from Dec. 1 until the end of February, while meteorological spring spans from March through the end of May. Therefore, spring-like weather in early March is quite common even before the start of astronomical spring (vernal equinox); when the sun passes the equator into the northern hemisphere.

In addition to the warmer weather, we can expect nearly three minutes more sunlight each day for the next month through the start of spring. This is the largest increase of daylight we see all year, with daylight saving and 7 p.m. sunset times just days away!

Although spring-like weather and longer days are coming, this does not mean winter weather done with just yet. This is Wisconsin, and we still average some snow in both March and April, but this spring season may be a little warmer and a little less snowy the way the forecast is trending.

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