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1 of the warmest winters on record: Has Milwaukee seen its last snow of the season?

SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN — The odds we see measurable snowfall from now until June 1 in Milwaukee is 98.8%. You might be thinking, no duh, this is Wisconsin. We can get snow almost year-round! You’re not wrong, but diving into historical data, there’s more to unpack here.

Chance of snow before June 1st for Milwaukee based on what we have on record

Based on 82 years of recorded data at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport, there’s only one year on record we didn’t receive measurable snowfall after March, and that was 1945. That was back in the time of World War II.

The most snowfall we’ve ever received after March 1 is 30.8 inches in 1965 — but on average, we receive 10.1 inches. It’s safe to say we’re going to see more snow after Wednesday, March 11.

Late season snow statistics for Milwaukee

Milwaukee did just have one of the warmest winters on record in terms of average temperature. Does this mean we’ll have less snow this spring? Not at all. Looking back, there is no statistical drop in snowfall. The years of our warmest winters, we still get close to average snowfall through June.

Warmest winters in Milwaukee on record

Yes, we’re tired of shoveling the Weather Deck and as much as we’re ready for spring here at FOX6, Mother Nature is boss!

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